Poetry: 5 Guidelines for Publishing Poems

Poetry: 5 Guidelines for Publishing Poems

In case the poetic muse has inspired consumers to inserted pen to

newspaper or palms to computer

keyboard, you could be attracted to the many styles of poetic verse to give your poetry some design and rhythm. Crafting Poetry A myriad of people

have tested their hands and wrists at formulating poetry. Often, everyone choose posting verse at times of excellent emotion, insight, or requirement. A particular document could not explain all you need to.

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Mikey Jay feels like a Goddd in the club

mikey jayThere’s Jay-Z, Diddy, Fat Joe, and then there’s Mikey Jay. For those that have been sleeping under a rock for the past

15+ years let’s acquaint and or reacquaint you with the hardest working, most generous yet slept on artist in the industry. Mikey Jay is not your average celebrity or public figure. Mikey Jay is a Native American-Trinidadian and African American mainstream recording artist, music producer, actor, clothing line owner, film producer, film financier, civil rights activist, fathers rights activist, said ¬†philanthropist and community activist from the Southeast Bronx section of New York City.

He is the true definition of a mogul. Although he was born in Harlem and raised in the South Bronx, (more…)

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Introducing Shari Clark

“I don’t just make music to please the ears; I make music to please the soul.” —Shari Clarke

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